Polished: Catrice 090 “Karl says très chic”

This is a new polish in the permanent range. It replaced my wedding polish “Mona Lisa is staring back” in the Ultimate Nudes series, even though it is a totally different color.

The color itself is a light rose color, very downtoned and classy. I think it might be a very nice office color and goes with almost any outfit. This might easily become one of my new favorite spring colors.

I really like the new, larger brush. The texture of the polish is quite thick and leaves an opaque finish with one thicker coat. Nevertheless I’d recommend applying it in two thin coats to prevent blistering.

In the picture, I started out with p2’s Base + Care Coat, then applied “Karl says très chic” in either one thick (forefinger and middle finger) or two thinner coats (pinky and ring finger). I finished with Essie’s Good to Go, which leaves a glossy finish that I love ❤

Oh, and just to let you know: the uneven dimples on the ring finger are due to my psoriasis and not courtesy of the polish 😉

And did I mention that the names of the Catrice polishes always make me smile?


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