Our wedding theme: pink and green

Although it’s been a while since we got married, I still think it might be interesting to share some impressions from our wedding.

Colorwise, we went for pink/fuchsia and bright green, which served as the basis for the cooperation with our lovely wedding planner who turned all our ideas into reality!

For flowers, we chose mainly pink daisies/gerbera, which appeared in the church as well as on the tables and, of course, in my bouquet. We also had them printed in the invitations, menu and programmes.

As it turned out, the colors as well as the decorations created a nice contrast to the location’s rustic design (an old barn that now belongs to the hotel we chose for the reception).

The grey benches in the church were decorated with single pink daisies with rosy gypsophila (baby’s breath).

Brightening the grey stone of the altar, there was a garland with daisies in test tubes dangling from it.

During the ceremony, the rings were placed on this duo.

I simply loved my bouquet! The florist managed just the right balance between simple elegance and bright colors.

The programmes contained the simple design we also had on the invitations and were held together by pink and bright green satin ribbons.

For the tables outside, our wonderful wedding planner found these grassy “spheres”, which were matched to the decoration with a single daisy.

On the tables, the menu cards were printed onto transparent paper, which was then glued together and put over a simple tealight in a glass.

Each table also held three large pink candles and three bottles that each held a daisy in a different shade of pink. The bottom of the bottles was filled with bright green sand as a contrast.

Many of our guests complimented us on the choice of colors and the designs! And, the most important, we loved it ourselves – it made the most beautiful day of our lives even more special!


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