On life. And then some.

Having finished my bachelor thesis and my studies in general, it seems like another important phase of my life has ended now. Or so it feels. It’s like, I’m 24 now, and it’s really getting serious.

On the one hand, I can’t wait to finally start working and earning my own money (even if it’s got to start with an internship). On the other hand I’m getting all nostalgic. I mean, it seems like yesterday when I first started my first studies which I stopped after 2 years. And then I started the economics studies, which also was 3 years ago now! I can’t believe how fast time’s running!

And then I got engaged, too! I mean, it’s totally exciting, and I’m completely convinced this is the right thing to do and I’m so very happy about it. But still, it seems like I have to grow up now. Or at least, behave like a grown-up. And all I can think is: that’s not what I am at all! I still feel like 18, I still like my music and books and being lazy – I constantly think that this so isn’t what a “grown-up” is supposed to feel like!


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