Bachelor and Wedding

Gosh, it’s been months since I last updated this thingy O_o

And so much happened! First of all: I got engaged! Yep, my dear boyfriend is now my dear fiancé, after proposing during our vacation in July.
I’m such a happy bride-to-be, although writing it down like this, it still seems unreal 😀
So I guess this will turn out into a Bridezilla-blog sooner or later 😉

Anyways, my knitting is going well, too. I’m all into lace-knitting and scarfs and shawls atm, though I didn’t use my knitting needles in weeks.
That’s due to my bachelor thesis, which I’m finishing right about now and will hand in on Monday. I really can’t believe I’m finally done with this thing, it was bugging me for months and towards the end even opening the damn document made me gag.

But I’m almost done now, only writing the finishing pages! I never thought this could make me feel as happy as it does. 🙂


About Kat

hopelessly creative, constantly curiuos
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