Again, it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post! I can’t believe it, but actually, there wasn’t anything too exciting going on. I officially started to work on my Bachelor Thesis last week, so it’s starting to get serious! Only two months from today, I need to have 80 pages written…and then I’m done studying! Yay me! 😀

Last weekend (as Thursday was a holiday here in Germany), I spent on the beautiful, tiny island called Langeoog at the Northern Coast with my boyfriend. 4 beautiful days of sun, the beach and the sea – and no cars, just bikes, horses and pedestrians, all peace and quiet! It’s amazing how relaxed you are even if you’re only there for a few days. I love it there ❤

Then, I started knitting again. In fact, I finally came around to finish my first sock – well, at least almost, since the main problem was the heel, and that I finished and it even looks right 😀

The next project I started this weekend are some nice socks with a braided pattern on one side. I found some nice and comfy pink wool for them and I’m excited how it’ll go 🙂

Originally I wanted to start a cozy jumper for my boyfriend to wear in winter, basically because he doesn’t have a woollen jumper to start with, but he kinda told me wouldn’t wear it because “his mom used to knit jumpers for him when he was a kid and he didn’t like them back then because they were all scratchy”. And even when I promised I wouldn’t use scratchy wool, he still refused to have one knitted. Well, it’s his loss (and no worries, I’m not angry at him – better he tells me now than after I put all the work into it) 😉 So I decided to maybe start one for myself 😛

Other than that, postcrossing is going great! I never thought I could get this excited about it, but I really am. I already got cards from Ireland, Poland, Russia, Taiwan and Finland, and the sending itself is also great fun 🙂

I still need to send two more today (after I ordered a whole pack of stamps last week :D). It’s just such a great project, and it’s fascinating to me that it works this well 🙂


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