TV finales – my thoughts

So, almost all TV shows I watch aired their final episodes for this season last Thursday.

Here are my thoughts on TVD, PP, SPN, as Grey’s last ep will air this week (already watched the trailer and it was SO awesome, I can’t wait!)

Vampire Diaries
This one was, just like pretty much the whole series, full of action and suspense. I’m not as hooked to this show as to the other ones I watch regularly, so I wasn’t as excited about it. I kinda expected a bit more mayhem at the Founder’s ball what with all the vamps hanging around – the scene where they were taken out when a little too smoothly for my taste.
Anyway, it had quite a few nice scenes in it and some eeevil cliffhangers, like the one when Elena appeared to kiss Damon (as much as I like her with Stephen, I kinda liked to see that), but it turned out she was actually Katherine who finally reappeared O_o
And then of course Jeremy’s attempt to commit suicide and by drinking Anna’s blood beforehand, turning into a vamp himself. Speaking of Anna: I found it sad that she died, I really liked her character.
So, I’m curious about the new season, how everything will turn out.

Private Practice
I cried like a baby. Period. I still  can’t believe they killed off Dell – he was one of my favorite characters in the show and I would have loved seeing him going to Med School (though I’m aware of the fact that it would’ve been hard to put into the series) and becoming a doctor himself *sniff*
How heartbreaking it was to see little Betsy in his arms, while he was telling her that if he was to die, she’d always have to tell herself that all bad things already happened to her!
And then they really killed him off. Just like that *sniffles again*
Other than that: yay for Cooper proposing to Charlotte!! He is such a dork, but they’re such a cute couple. I didn’t really like Pete going back to Violet, but that was to be expected. I liked him better with Addison, but in the end I guess it was supposed to be like that. Addy and Sam…hmm, dunno yet what to make of that. We’ll see 🙂

My boys beat the devil *woot woot*!!!
Well, the storyline of this episode was pretty good, I really liked it 🙂 Still, there were a few scenes in which I had to laugh out loud although it was so not appropriate – mostly due to the, IMO, slight overacting by JP, e.g. in the scene where Lucifer talks to Sam in the mirror. Sam’s facial expressions just cracked me up, I couldn’t help it (and yes, go on and tell me off about it 😉 ). And don’t get me wrong, I really like JP, it’s just that this time, it was a tad too much for my taste 😉
Dean on the other hand broke my heart 😦
The thing about Chuck being God was pretty surprising, but I loved it. To me it just didn’t really make sense if he was God (or God was him?) all the time already, basically because it just wouldn’t work with some parts in the storyline. The only explanation I’d have for it would be that God was really, really fed up about his job and decided to live a human, sinful and lazy life for the kicks. Hmm, we’ll see.
Sam reappearing in the very last scene was quite a cliffhanger though. Now speculations are going into all directions, whether he’s still Lucifer, an angel, a demon or maybe just Sammy? I personally have no idea what to believe, I guess I’ll just let myself be surprised when the new season starts – without Kripke though. I’m not sure how I feel about that – but I’m positive Sera Gambleis a good choice for the new showrunner 🙂


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