Months later…

well, I didn’t write in ages.

But granted, my creativity output was just plain low the last few months, thanks to my last semester at university and many exams to study for. But they’re behind me now, I’m still waiting for a few results but hopefully I passed all of them.

So now I’m back at work and all there’s left to do to end my career as a student is writing my bachelor thesis from June to August.

But until then (and, as I know my procrastinating self just too well, probably during that time as well) I’ll have the time to commit to creative activities again 🙂

I haven’t knitted/crocheted since the winter is gone, the last thing I made being a nice little crocheted pencil case (I’ll upload a photo if I can). But I just bought a magazine with a couple of lovely crocheting bags, so maybe this will be a project to do for summer. A woman can never have too many handbags, right? 😉


To get to my reading, I discovered bookcrossing a few weeks ago and I just love the idea of it.  It’s basically an online book club with a large community of users around the world.

I already signed up for three bookrings (meaning books being sent from one reader to the next and in the end arriving back at the owner), and hopefully will be able to expand this year’s reading list this way.

I’m planning to try to review books I read in this blog, but I’ll see how that turns out and if I’ll feel like it 😉


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