Books 2010

It seems the new year has just started, but still it’s already Mid-January that I’m writing this post – time’s already running!

Since I’ve started the year reading quite a lot of books I thought it would be nice to keep track of the books I read and make some kind of list.

So here’s my reading list for 2010. I figured it would be nice to divide it into 3 areas: currently reading, planning to read, and finished reading.

Currently reading

– Jostein Gaarder: Sofies Welt
– Carol Kloeppel: Dear Germany
– Nick Hornby: Fever Pitch

Planning to read

– Diana Gabaldon: Outlander
– Charlaine Harris: Living Dead in Dallas

Finished reading

– Wolfgang Hohlbein: Der Abgrund
– Sandra Lessmann: Die Sündentochter
– Simon Beckett: Die Chemie des Todes (Chemistry of Death)

Not too much yet, but the year’s still young and I’ll have a lot of miles to travel by bus and train 😉
I’m thinking to create similar lists for my needlework and movies I’ve seen. But not today – bed’s already calling.


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