5 needles and a cramping hand :)

After wondering what to knit next, I spontaneously paid a visit to my grandma yesterday evening and asked her if she had some wool leftovers to practice with. We started talking and I told her about how I wasn’t sure about how to manage the knitting of the hat I want to do, etc.

It all ended with her giving me two needle sets and some wool and now I’m trying to knit socks 😀
It was a mess at first, the needles felt soooo tiny after doing the thick scarves and I constantly poked myself – but now I’m doing quite well and I’m totally pleased with myself *g*
I’ll take some pictures to track the process as soon as I get to it (it’s just that I rather work on the stuff than take pics of it 😉 )

The other thing I saw (I really shouldn’t surf the net about knitting so much – I’ll never have the time to do all that!) was a beautiful colorful patchwork blanket, made of crocheted granny squares. This, and the calendar at nadelspiel.com made want to make one myself – badly!
The only “problem” to solve is how and where to get the wool (bright colors and not too fuzzy) fro a reasonable price :/ Gonna work that out and then add this to my ever-growing list of projects 😉


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