Looking for a new project…

I can’t believe I did it, but I got my boyfriend’s scarf finished yesterday night.
So now I’m out of projects. I still have some dark grey wool I could work with, but I honestly don’t want to do another scarf. I just feel it’s time for something new.

So basically I spent the day looking up patterns and instructions and then I found this amazing website (only available in German though, as far as I know). It’s got so much helpful stuff on it, the best thing probably being the videos. I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier, but now I’m glad I’ve got a resource where I can look up different techniques.

I guess I’ll start knitting some of the great patterns there, just get more familiar with the needles 😉

But I’m still planning to go to a wool shop on Friday, to get some more needles – I just love the wooden/bamboo ones – and some more wool to get something to do during our vacation after Christmas.


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hopelessly creative, constantly curiuos
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