The scarf project

As I wrote before, I started knitting a few weeks before. I’m still at beginners stage though, only being able to purl and knit. And I finally took the time to take some pictures of what I’ve done so far, so here it is 🙂

Practice!The material I started out with, practicing patterns and stitches: some leftover wool and thin needles from my mom and grandma. Right now I use it to practice more complicated stitches and de- and increasing.

beige scarfMy first scarf, which I finished the day before yesterday (yep, the pics are a few days old).  I added some fringes and am now proudly wearing it – and I can’t belive how comfy it is! 🙂

boyfriendscarfMy current project, which will hopefully be done until this weekend. This one’s for my boyfriend, with a similar pattern to mine. I tried another one first,  but he didn’t like it, so I went with the easy one I used before. The color is a little less lurid in reality and I think it will go well with his dark coat 🙂

Next thing I want to do is a hat to match my beige scarf. I’ve already been looking up some patterns, but I don’t really know if I’ll manage them – they look kinda complicated to me as a beginner. I still think I’ll give it a try though – gotta ask my grandma for lessons 😉


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