Christmas time is here…

…although the weather just doesn’t fit. It’s raining like crazy and there’s not the tiniest trace of snow. 😦

Plus, it’s still warm (about 10°C = 50°F) and therefore I don’t really feel christmas-y when I go outside or look outside our windows.
It’s funny I’d say this, but in times like these, I really miss the giant piles of  snow I had in Wisconsin. I mean, after 10 weeks without seeing any grass it starting getting on my nerves, but at least they don’t have to worry about having a white christmas whereas here, I can’t even wear a warm cozy scarf without sweating.  Needless to say, Christmas markets aren’t much fun, e.g. “Glühwein” (hot spiced wine) doesn’t taste as good when it’s this mild (not to mention the fact that you’re getting tipsy a lot faster 😉 ).
I hope the weekend will bring some more Christmas mood. We already decorated the apartment a little and on Saturday we’re planning to set up the Christmas tree (early, but since we’ll be on vacation after Christmas eve, we figured we might as well enjoy it before). And then on Sunday I’ll take part in the Christmas concert at my former school – they invited the former members of the choir (oh my, that sounds so not cool 😀 ) to join so of course I said yes. Can’t wait to see everybody again – we had such a good time 🙂


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