Pics and mac and cheese

Yesterday I had my weekly day off and – besides doing housework like dusting and ironing (bleurgh) – I finally made it to the drugstore to get some pictures for our “wall of fame” printed.

It was about time I did it, seeing as our vacation in California was in April. But then, there was a broken notebook, moving in together, a lost USB stick and everything, so that we didn’t have the time to select certain pics until last weekend. I photoshopped them rightaway and yesterday I went and got the prints, each picture twice: one for the scrapbooking I’m planning to do and one to put into the frames we got from IKEA on Saturday. And what can I say – the former blank and boring wall in the hallway now is decorated with the framed photos and looks a lot nicer – plus, we are reminded of the beautiful weeks we spent in California every time we walk by! ❤

We’re actually planning to put a lot more pictures on the wall. I actually got the idea in the US where I found that many families have framed photos of all kinds on the walls in the hallway and living room. I loved it so much that I wanted to do it myself. 🙂


Then, I scanned the chefkoch pages for American recipes (mainly because all the memories brought back my occasional longing for American food and sweets) and found loads of stuff I wanna try. On Tuesday I started out with preparing maccaroni ‘n’ cheese for boyfriend and me – quite easy to do and soooo good – even though we felt stuffed afterwards (I really don’t wanna know how many calories that one had *lol*).

Next things on my list will be brownies, pancakes and a strawberry banana cake recipe I got from my host mum. Thing is, I need an angel food cake for that one – something you just don’t get here in Germany. Thankfully I found a recipe for one of those as well, but I’ll have to try it once I have enough time, as it doesn’t seem to be too easy. Well, it isn’t exactly strawberry season now, anyway, so I might put that off until springtime 😉


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