I would love to write again – but I somehow don’t seem to have the energy and peace to do it. Above all, there’s the fanfiction I started writing in the Twilight universe which has been slumbering away in my writing folder since I came back from the States in May. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, on the contrary, I have almost the whole story plotted out and I would love to finally write it down and make it available to the readers. Especially since it’s the first story I wrote that has a lot of readers on the platforms I posted it to and there are still people that newly discover it and ask for updates. Every single review gnaws at my conscience and makes me feel bad 😦

Furthermore, I would love to write something in the Supernatural universe. I already have several bits and pieces assembled, funny dialogues, ideas for plotlines etc. But it’s the same here: my muses just seem to have left me alone. *pouts*

Hmmm, what else?
Oh, my “I’m-knitting-scarves-for-boyfriend-and-myself”-project is coming along nicely. I’ve almost finished a light beige, comfy scarf for myself and already picked out and bought some nice red wool for boyfriend’s scarf  (which won’t be as much work as mine since he wanted a slimmer and shorter one).

Aaand, the other huge project I’m working on is a class reunion on December 27th. Totally exciting, I can’t wait to see how that turns out 🙂


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